Benefits: property investors of income-producing properties enabling substantial lifetime tax-write offs and provides significantly improved yearly income tax returns

BWK Group Tax Depreciation reports write off hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes for property investors and makes it possible for our clients to receive or greatly improve their tax returns- every year. Our clients have reported handsome yearly tax returns e.g. $10,000 for every year in our reports, 40-years).

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We also educate and work with clients’ accountants, owners corporations/body corporates to identify building plant & equipment claims for our mutual clients.

Find out more about BWK Group’s Tax Depreciation here.

Refer to BWK Group’s Tax Depreciation FAQ here.

Select to >> Enable lifetime of tax write-offs to minimise the tax liability (for property investors and bricks and mortar business owners, own-income producing property) and improve yearly income tax returns and cash flow.


Benefits: property owners wanting to have their properties adequately insured and reduce yearly insurance premiums at the same time

Can you afford not to have your property insured? Secondly, how do you know if the property is in fact ‘adequately insured’?

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Overinsured (‘sum insured’) results in the said property owner paying too high a premium (year-on-year). Too low (insured sum) results in insufficient monies available to reinstate/rebuild the premises in the case of loss and destruction – the worse situation!

BWK Group Replacement Cost Reports not only ‘saves money’ but could potentially ‘save considerable COSTS’ (in the MILLIONS!).

Find out more about BWK Group’s Replacement Cost Reports here.

Select to >> reduce the unknown and provide ‘peace-of-mind, ‘insured sum’ amounts (in the unfortunate event of ‘total property loss’) and in most cases, save money on yearly insurance premiums.


Benefits: owner builders and property developers to improve financier’s lending arrangement/potential so your project can commence and progress to completion

For Owner/Builders wishing to undertake their own developments, allow us to provide an independent estimate to assist your chances of funding from Financiers. Furthermore, we can also provide a full QS Report in addition to our estimate.

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Such a document is usually required by Financiers for risk minimisation before Owner/Builder projects become a reality and feasible.

Find out more about BWK Group’s QS Reports here.

Select to >> improve the chance of property development financier funding, Builder/Developer’s cash flow and reduce the financial risk of the building & construction project to Financiers.


Benefits: Owner Builders wanting to budget for their next property development

If you are an Owner/Builder, before you get too involved with Council, small detail design, get an independent report to see if your project is likely to even start based on your budget.

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Property development is a long process, start that project right.

Select to >> receive independent advice before any project time or cost commitment to check your budget at the feasibility stage.


Benefits: Builders wanting to outsource their project estimation; saving time, money and win more projects

Builders/Developers, allow us to free up your time and estimate your jobs for tendering (or budgeting purposes) so you can focus on other critical income-producing activities.

Construction Estimate project

Select to >> free up time and as well as receive an independent assessment of the feasibility and order of costs on your next construction project.