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Not sure where to start to educate yourself in the complex, technical, but client rewarding area of property tax depreciation? Start by reading the Tax Depreciation FAX (General) section below…

Tax Depreciation FAQ (General)


Find below commonly asked questions in relation to tax depreciation.

Key Terms

‘Tax Depreciation Schedule’

‘Depreciation Report’

‘Quantity Surveyor’s Report’ (a colloquial term and incorrectly used, i.e. A Quantity Surveyor’s Report (QS Report) in the Financial Lending industry related to a completed different document).

The aforementioned are all referencing the same thing essentially.

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What is a Tax Depreciation Schedule?

How much can I claim (write-off taxes) with a Tax Depreciation Schedule?

How much does my tax depreciation schedule report show that I can claim?

What types of properties can I depreciate?

How long is a Tax Depreciation report valid for?

Who can benefit from Tax Depreciation Schedules?

What items can be depreciated?

Is my property too old to depreciate?

I don’t need a Quantity Surveyor for that, my accountant does that for me?

Can a property valuer or real estate agent do a Tax Depreciation Schedule for me?

My accountant told me I DON’T need one?

My accountant told me I need one, can you help?

Will I be able to understand the reports (sometimes I get lost in all the facts and figures)?

I have never had depreciation done (as a property investor) is it too late?

What effect will the 2017 Budget change to plant and equipment have on my property?

What is the price of a Tax Depreciation Schedule / Price is a purchasing factor, how much would a report cost me?

Direct Factors / Costs (affecting the price of a Tax Depreciation Schedule report):

Indirect Factors / Costs (affecting the price of a Tax Depreciation Schedule report):

Having an investment property physically inspected would involve inspecting a property that is tenanted, correct?

How often do I need to order/get a Tax Depreciation Schedule?

Can I claim the Tax Deprecation Schedule service as a tax deduction?

Lastly, what is a Quantity Surveyor?

BWK Tax Depreciation service FAQ

What differentiates BWK Group why should we use your service as oppose to others?

What is included ‘as standard’ (in all options)?

Options (Silver, Gold and Platinum)?

‘Default’ option’?

‘Best’ option?

What happens after I order/pay?

Turnaround times?

Services during any COVID Lockdowns?

How to get started?


Tax Depreciation is an expert field so we hope that the Tax Depreciation FAQ was of benefit and provided some clarity for your situation.

However, feel free to get in touch with Mathew (BWK Group’s Principal/Head QS).

We have many happy clients and are considered as tax depreciation experts by many accountants and clients).

To date, BWK Group has assisted hundreds of tax depreciation clients and found claims accumulating in the hundreds of millions. We are always happy to make it possible for our clients to write off substantial tax, via BWK Group’s tax depreciation service Any further questions.

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