How does COVID affect your tax depreciation fulfilment?

The COVID situation has impacted people and businesses greatly. No question…

However, ignoring the obvious impact of COVID, you as a property investor have a property investment (that has its own implications but obvious benefits). Benefits that can only be realised and maximised by tax depreciation.

The obtaining of a tax depreciation schedule significantly improves the property investor’s yearly income tax returns (including the substantial write-off of taxes and improved cash returns). No doubt a tax depreciation schedule will contribute to one of the biggest tax deductions in every year’s income tax return!

True, some things can’t be controlled in the COVID environment, but there are also certainties

Taxes don’t stop being due, financial commitments of individuals and businesses do not cease, business including small business must still remain operational to support clients, remain in the black and remain in business.

Why BWK Group is a great solution for Tax Depreciation Clients (and a brief insight into BWK Group)

As a highly-rated and trusted service provider of tax depreciation (Google reviews here), BWK Group, have options to fulfil clients’ needs, irrespective of the current environment or impacts of the likes of COVID.

Behind small businesses are people and individuals trying to do their best for clients and support families (support the families that small business owners provide for, as does Mathew’s does with BWK Group with his young family of 5, including 3 girls under five years old. They are great…) More about BWK Group and Mathew here.

BWK Group is a creative and agile service provider of tax depreciation. What does that mean?

How does BWK Group’s agile nature benefit its clients?

Well, we are not stuck, hand-tied or governed by multiple tiers of management to make decisions that improve clients service delivery, often like big business. Often such bureaucracy slows down processors adds too much complexity and frustrates not only internal parties but ultimately clients, resulting in ‘clients needs’ not being met, caused to wait, feeling like ‘just like a number’ and becoming frustrated and moving on to another provider, all whilst wasting their own time. Time is the scarcest commodity; you never get that back.

Going further, BWK Group can swiftly develop, implement and roll-out new services and tax depreciation options immediately to make sure our clients’ needs are catered for with the best available solutions (governed by any imposed Government restrictions/directions or governing requirements).

Again, COVID is a bad situation, but you as a property investor have your own needs and financial commitments to fulfil. BWK Group will help you with that with our services.

We have options!

Options that fulfil our clients’ obligations for tax lodgements or directions from their accountants.

Let BWK Group, make substantial tax write-offs and improved cash returns possible for you.

When does a property investor need a tax depreciation schedule?

When they don’t have one. Simple…and right away before it becomes a forgotten ‘must do’ and costs the property investor potential up to $15,000+ in a missed opportunity (every year).


We are available to assist you as our next VIP tax depreciation client.

Get in touch with us so we can make the task of organising/booking and obtaining a tax depreciation schedule a reality (and swiftly), so you can focus on other important personal commitments (COVID or not). Life is too short…