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RFI: TDS_B_Booking_Reporting (#65) (post-paid)

Thanks for your Depreciation report booking.


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This form will guide you via the required info to gain the best results for you. The form is designed to also automatically  save (same (device/browser) as you progress.

– Contract of Sale/ Building Contract
– Any expenditure incurred in respect of your property investment.
(again we will guide you with what is best to supply)

Most people complete this in one go and take a few minutes to complete. But don’t worry, if not. 

Answer as best you can. You can always amend!


Upon successful submission (via blue button, last step), you will receive an email response including all your inputs for review (and amendment, if need be).


We go to great lengths and believe we uncover all possible tax write-offs by guiding you through the below form. 

We (BWK Group) look forward to progressing with your requested depreciation report…




If you are not aware of the full history of the property, please call your local Council’s ‘Building and Planning’ department to obtain the following information. E.g. any works requiring a permit will be registered (and claimable in most cases).



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