Tax depreciation order/booking (and inspection)


This form guides and automatically saves as you progress (if need be, you will be able to resume on the same device and browser). However, it is always best to complete in one sitting.

Upon successful submission (via blue button, last step), you will receive an email response including all your inputs for review (and amend, if need be).

Note: any technical issues, please report via the red tab (right of screen). Thanks again.


Questions in the online form include (so we can maximise your results and tax deductions):

  • Client Details 
  • Contract/Settlement dates
  • Purchase/Contract sum price and or Professional Fees (incl. GST)
  • 'Original Construction Date/Certificate of Occupancy' 
  • Renovations/Capital Improvements' completion dates and descriptions
  • 'Loose Furniture Items (if applicable, a surcharge may apply) 
  • Items 'installed' after purchase 
  • 'Preoccupied' i.e. lived in by the owner/landlord dates 
  • Reporting details (e.g. if the report is to be made out to a SMSF, Company etc.)
  • 'Access' details for inspection purposes
  • Tax Accountant: Report Forwarding details (if desired) 




If you are not aware of the full history of the property, please call your local Council's 'Building and Planning' department to obtain the following information. E.g. any works requiring a permit will be registered (and claimable in most cases).




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