Quantity Surveying and Tax Depreciation

Maximising your property asset, investment and development I am a property investor. I need to write-off significant taxes.I require a 'peace-of-mind' insured sum / Insurance Valuation for a property.

BWK Group 

Quantity Surveying and Tax Depreciation services

CLIENT BENEFITS via service offerings:

      1. Write-off substantial taxes / minimize the tax liability for property investors (and bricks and mortar business owners) and improve their cash flow via tax depreciation schedules:

achieved by claiming maximum tax depreciation deductions and allowances for property investor clients, resulting from our ten years of specialised building and construction experience.


       2. Reduce the unknown and provide ‘peace-of-mind’, ‘insured sum’ insurance valuation amounts for Owner’s Corporations to cover for unfortunate events of ‘property loss’:

achieved by using specialised building and construction estimating, costing skills, in-house construction databases, knowledge and experience and arriving at the replacement cost of the building, plant and equipment of properties. This service also benefits Owners Corporations, who are legally required to have a current replacement sum amount/report for the purposes of insurance and to also best serve the Owners Corporation members.


       3. Improve Builder/Developer’s cash flow and reduce financial risk to Building & Construction project Financiers:

achieved by estimating, pricing, inspecting, assessing and certifying ‘fair and reasonable payments’ via site inspection and communication with building head contractors in relation to building and construction works completed on behalf of lenders and financiers (drawdowns).

Did you know that only a Quantity Surveyor (and in some cases an Architect), can certify construction progress payments and progress claim amounts, in the event that there is no building contract in place (often the case for Owner Build and always for Speculative Building Developments)?

it is about YOU but we are:

 –  Tax Depreciation and Quantity Surveying service business with capabilities for our clients Australia wide (head office, Melbourne, VIC.

 – Experienced and qualified Quantity Surveyors and Registered Tax Agents.

 – Experienced with and qualified in Building & Construction, Building and Construction Cost Management and previously contributed to the industry/ paid- it- forward by  delivering Building and Construction Certificate IV courses (testimonials found here, regarding this).


“We Measure Our Success by Your Property, Building and Construction Cash flow ”

Prior to choosing the service I didn’t have any concerns, as I felt the process was explained well.
The service has helped me as it generated a great depreciation schedule for tax purposes.
What stood out with Build With K’s service was; their promptness, explicit information and going beyond their duty to provide us with the best possible outcome.
I am extremely happy with the service and as such will be recommending this to my family and friends. Suzi Gurovski

“It is great having someone reliable and efficient I can refer my clients to.  BWK Group were great with efficiency, client contact, keeping the accountant in the loop and a fantastic report. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services, especially to clients with rental properties. Warrick Maddocks

Chartered Accountant and Virtual CFO (Melbourne, VIC and Canberra, ACT), 360Five Accountants and Advisers

“I was very impressed by this service. Mat responded quickly and then wrote a comprehensive depreciation report within a week or so. What surprised me was the sheer scale of body corporate assets for which depreciation could be claimed. The depreciation identified in the BWK report far outweighs the depreciation we were claiming for assets that had been purchased for the unit. It was a pleasure to make the claims when submitting tax returns. Clearly the cost of the report will be far outweighed over time by the level of depreciation that can be claimed.” Vincent McMahon, VIC

“$10,000.00. That’s the tax return we received when Mathew helped us with our Quantity Surveying application. It has really helped us and without Mathews advice and knowledge we would have not known this was available to us. Thanks, Mathew.”

Paul Murphy

Owner, Liberty Marketing