Tax Depreciation

Results and Outcomes of Tax Depreciation Schedules/Depreciation Reports

Tax Depreciation Schedules (by way Depreciation Reports assists to minimise property investors’ tax liability and maximise their cash flow 

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Ownership of multiple properties is expensive.

Many commercial and residential property investors are paying too much tax, or worse, forfeiting tax claims every year- could be as much as $10,000 per year.

As a quantity surveyor, BWK Group educates property investors and work with clients’ accountants to identify building plant & equipment claims in order to minimise client’s yearly taxes for the life of their property investments-overall saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for the client.

The benefits:

– Write-off significant taxes (over the entire effective life)

– Improve the cash flow in the property 

– Increase the likelihood of income tax return refunds. 


. Each individual’s circumstance is different, but generally speaking, Tax Depreciation Schedules have enabled our clients to: 

Tax Depreciation Schedule, depreciation reports

– Leverage and reinvest in new investment properties?

– Reinvest into businesses?

– Enable cash flow for family holidays?

BWK Group, as experienced and registered Quantity Surveyors, has been assisting clients for over 10 years. BWK Group have produced countless Tax Depreciation Schedules/Depreciation Reports for their clients, assisting them to claim 100’s of thousands of dollars in tax claims (provided actual summaries). 



Total Value of Claims for our Clients to Date.......and Counting

“No outsourcing results: outsource or delegating to lesser experienced persons is NOT in our business model- results are!”


Tax Depreciation Schedule Service – ‘The BWK Group’ Way (Points of Difference Inclusions):


– Expertise from start to finish: ‘Premium Service Guarantee’ by an experienced (10+ years), qualified Quantity Surveyor and Registered Tax Agent.


– Your property investment, thoroughly inspected: we implement our in-house 327 Points Quality Assurance Physical Property Inspection Check.


– You save time: we handle all the booking and coordinating for access (for the physical inspection, to measure and take notes for tax purposes).


– Opportunity to claim more ‘collectively’ for joint-ownership properties: Split-Report option.


– Value for money: up to 40 years of maximised tax claims (saving tax and improving cash flow) included.


– Deep dive into extra claims: historical deductions uncovered and included.


– A comprehensive 27-page report: capital allowances, deductions (i.e. tax claims), estimates, summaries and graphs.


– Visual report for easier interpretation- not just numbers.


– Tailored and customised to suit your financial situation: various depreciation methods used, to personalise to your financial situation.


– Trusted by accountants, they love the detail we provide: appended detailed breakdowns provided for your accountant/ tax advisor.


– Save time and keep your accountant happy: we can send the completed report direct to your accountant (if requested)


Ready to MINIMISE tax and MAXIMISE your cash flow?

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