Tax Depreciation Schedules (Residential Strata 0-50kms)

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‘$2,000-$10,000 in tax refunds (cash), annually, on income- tax-returns (with BWK Depreciation Schedule reports)’. Feedback from our clients.

  • VIP client depreciation schedules completed by a quantity surveyor and registered tax agent.
  • One-off fee.
  • The same report can be used year-on-year over the life of your property (generally 40-year). Writing off taxes over the same period.
  • All extra ‘common property deductions’ will be included (at no extra. charge), sometimes adding >$50,000 in extra tax write-offs (If applicable).
  • Physical, on-site property/development inspection.
  • Quantity Surveyor/and Registered Tax Agent reporting, review and sign-off.
Price: $770.00

Platinum Upgrade Option:

Inspection to be undertaken by BWK Group's most experienced Quantity Surveyor and Founder (Mathew Kulkewycz).

Mathew is a qualified, experienced Quantity Surveyor and Registered Tax Agent with 13+ years of international Tier 1 Building/Construction and international Quantity Surveying consulting experience.

Bonus - Onsite video survey overview and feedback of your property.

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