Replacement Cost Report Order (Residential 0-50KMS)

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Replacement Cost report order

We have been successfully providing Owners Corporations/Body Corporates, Businesses/Corporates and Sporting Clubs with independent Replacement Cost Reports (for insurance purposes) by providing ‘peace-of-mind’, insured sum amounts, in a timely, professional manner of which also allow for correct premiums to paid.

  • VIP client Replacement Cost Report completed by a quantity surveyor.
  • Physical, on-site property/development inspection.
  • Quantity Surveyor/and Registered Tax Agent reporting, review and sign-off.
  • Multiple -year-usage report to potentially save money on yearly-insurance premiums
  • Also provides an accurate replacement cost in the unfortunate event of total-loss (of the property).
Price: $660.00

Downgrade Option:

Additional documentation can be sourced or provided to satisfy a remote, desktop inspection.

This option is only advisable if upfront savings are of higher importance than accuracy (we insist that a physical inspection is always best).

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